Within BASE, everyone is equally important. We are not just about the partners or experienced lawyers. We are a team that thrives on a foundation of equality and mutual respect. We achieve results together, our stories belong to all of us. Meet our people


We like to see smiling faces in the office. That is why we guard a safe, positive working environment with plenty of room for humour, fun and social activities. And, of course, a healthy balance. So that our people have enough time and energy for their personal lives. For family, friends, sports, volunteering or being creative. Or for just doing nothing. Because they deserve to be happy. And you deserve a happy lawyer whose job satisfaction is contagious and who can get the best out of themselves.


From the outset, our lawyers are given the opportunity to be masters of their own cases. Because by writing, arguing and making choices yourself, you learn the tricks of the trade the fastest. This is how our talents grow into experienced top lawyers in no time, into smart strategists who oversee the playing field. Lawyers you can rely on. Want to learn more about talent at BASE? Check out Marlotte’s Scenario.

Facts & figures

  • 1 office trip a year

  • 2 personal training sessions a week

  • 3 times a year après-ski in Austria

  • 4 drinks with a view a month (at least)

  • 5 team lunches a week


At BASE, we embrace differences. Our lawyers are given the space to practise their profession in their own way. But what we have in common also defines us. We share a passion for law and the drive to tackle every case. Sharp, careful and daring, we fight for the client's interests. We are willing to go far, but also have a clear limit: our integrity.    


Our culture is partly defined by what we do outside of BASE. For instance, we regularly give workshops to students, accompany them at Moot Court and attend their events. This also gives us energy. Sports and culture are important to us too. We don't just chat about it over lunch, BASE also supports various sports clubs and cultural institutions. BASE is a Friend of Sophia Children's Hospital, simply because we think that is important. Commitment is one of our core values to which Romée has dedicated her Scenario.