Talent is given confidence from the outset at BASE. Thanks to our approach, everyone can get the most out of their career at any time. Our aim is to learn from each other in a healthy and constructive way. That way, talent grows at BASE and BASE grows through talent.

Our team is characterised by sharp and energetic individuals whose job satisfaction is contagious. Our lawyers are smart strategists with guts. They dare to counteract, show creativity and are realistic about opportunities. This is all based on an open, positive team culture with plenty of laughter as wlel. Will you be part of BASE's next good story?

Your oppor- tunities

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You will find this every- where


We believe in lifelong learning. Your first years as a lawyer, in addition to your work, you will of course be educated extensively. After that, we will help you with your own educational path. For example, you can follow a Grotius course or something similar that fits our specialisms and your interests. So that you keep getting better. And BASE does along with you.


Every day we work passionately on challenging cases in Corporate & Commercial Litigation and Employment Law. Varying from commercial disputes to inquiry proceedings. And from dismissal cases to employee participation.


Our clients range from multinationals, SMEs to individual directors, shareholders or employees. Each client requires a different approach. But they always have one thing in common: a complex legal problem which we help to solve.


Delivering top quality is achievable within normal working hours. So at BASE, the lights are almost always off after six in the evening. Occasionally, however, it is necessary to work a little longer in the interest of the client. And then we do so, of course.


At BASE, you get value for money. A salary in line with market practice, travel and expense allowance and eventually no less than 30 days' holiday based on a full-time contract.


BASE stands for an enjoyable working environment where everyone is equal and with plenty of room for humour. But that does not make us unique just yet.

You will find this only at BASE

More fun

What does make BASE unique? That we have made fun a culture. Your colleagues put a smile on your face every day. And you put one on theirs. Don't be surprised if you suddenly make new friends. The atmosphere at BASE cannot be described, you have to experience it.


We see a healthy balance as something natural and as an elementary part of our corporate culture. After all, we like to see happy people. And if you have enough time and energy left for your personal life, you are more likely to be happy.


As a new lawyer at BASE, you are not a cog in a machine. To the contrary. You are given the confidence and responsibility to get to work yourself immediately. Because the more you do yourself, the faster you learn and develop your own style. That way, you will become the top lawyer that hides within you in no time.


At BASE, you will come to work in 'The BASE', a unique building on De Boompjes in Rotterdam. Once inside, it exudes inspiration and creativity. The building has energy label A and the view from the roof terrace is - no exaggeration - iconic. Oh yes, we also have an in-house gym to keep fit. Come by for a coffee and see for yourself.


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Lawyer Student internship Talent Team Assistant Working student

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