Commitment according to BASE

Why do I enjoy going to BASE so much every day? I think commitment is the common thread. And that extends beyond expert knowledge and experience. It gives my work as a lawyer an extra dimension. At BASE, commitment is stimulated. That creates an open and positive culture. And by extension, it delivers great results for clients.

Romée Lawyer at BASE
Last update 24-01-24

Commitment is in BASE's DNA. It is a trait we cherish and one that brings us much, both personally and professionally. It is the counterpart of 'quick wins' and 'hit and runs'. Those may seem appealing, but commitment wins you more than just a business. Namely long-term client trust. And trust is crucial for successful cooperation between lawyer and client. Moreover, involvement makes work even more fun and strengthens the connection with colleagues and society.

Engaged with colleagues

At BASE, a lot of attention is paid to a positive work culture and working environment. Employee engagement, i.e. the (emotional) attachment of employees, is highly valued. For me personally, this was one of the reasons for applying to BASE. As a student intern and working student, I had already experienced what a nice and warm office it is. This has only been confirmed in recent years. In my eyes, BASE is truly unique in this regard.

At BASE, it is not just about performing at a high level and delivering good work; having fun and laughing together are perhaps just as important. A good dose of humour and team spirit contributes to better cooperation and motivation. BASE is therefore committed to creating a close-knit team feeling, and this goes beyond just cosy outings such as get-togethers and the annual ski trip.

What really makes the difference at BASE, if you ask me, is the way we support each other as a team. Both in good times and bad. If a colleague achieves a special feat - for instance by taking part in a marathon or boxing match preceded by months of training - there is an eye, space and attention for that. But we also support each other in more difficult times. Even (or perhaps: especially) then, colleague involvement is invaluable. After all, it is your colleagues you see day in, day out and who can make a difficult period somewhat more bearable. Whether it's a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or offering practical help; BASE is there. We know  what is going on at each other’s home and the doors are always open. Not only at the office, but also at home. And that is not so common, especially in law firms.

With a team of about 20 people, BASE is not among the larger firms. In my view, this is a great advantage. Indeed, this size promotes mutual involvement. This is especially true in an open-plan office in which we have been working for several months. In this way, interaction between colleagues is encouraged even further and a strong sense of togetherness is created. Moreover, the small scale ensures that everyone is visible. Individual achievements will be noticed, employees are appreciated noticeably and successes should be celebrated, preferably with croquettes at lunch.

Another striking aspect of BASE is its direct involvement in decision-making. This is reflected, among other things, in the "WorkBASE", a monthly consultation between two partners of the firm and two employees. This ensures that lines of communication remain short and there is open communication. It makes BASE a flat organisation, where employees' opinions and suggestions are taken seriously. Concerns, objections, initiatives and suggestions from the team are actively listened to. At BASE, employees are not anonymous figures on a spreadsheet; quite the contrary.

Engaged with clients

At BASE, mutual commitment is beyond question, not only within the office but also towards clients. We regularly hear this back from clients. We don't just go for short-term results, but have an eye for sustainable results. More humane and very effective at the bottom line. Taking an interest in the case, understanding clients' needs and responding to them effectively, applying a personalised approach tailored to specific needs, dedication to achieving positive results, offering a listening ear: that is what it is all about. Commitment, attention and trust go hand in hand. Moreover, active engagement with clients can not only reduce conflict, but possibly even prevent it. Consider not only responding to disputes, but also guiding clients in implementing measures to prevent disputes and proactively advising and anticipating changing regulations. Although engagement is often seen as a soft skill, together with guts, strategic insight, knowledge and experience, it delivers tangible and beautiful results. Also, and perhaps even more so, in the long term. BASE is aware of this and acts accordingly. This is something our clients often stress.

Although engagement is often seen as a soft skill, together with guts, strategic insight, knowledge and experience, it produces tangible and beautiful results. Also, and perhaps even more so, in the long term.

Involved in society

As an office in the Netherlands' most multicultural city, BASE is at the centre of society. We are inextricably linked to the world around us. And that brings about a certain responsibility, especially given our social role and exemplary role as a law firm. Towards clients, but also towards society.

BASE focuses not only on economic aspects, such as profit maximisation, but also on social values that contribute to society as a whole. BASE likes to contribute to local projects. For instance, BASE has supported the Friends of Sophia Foundation for many years. Not only financially, but also by actively participating in events such as "Cycling for Sophia". In addition, BASE shows involvement without publicity. For example by supporting employee initiatives. We are also a partner of Erasmus University's master's in labour law. There, we have been supervising moot courts for years: we review litigation documents and help students do so.

Many BASE colleagues also contribute to society on a personal level. Everyone does this in their own way. Whether it is donating plasma, participating in job application projects for high school students, helping the local Food Bank, boxing matches for charity or volunteering for the "For All Who Love Foundation".

Soft skills, tangible results!

Involvement can be explained and interpreted in many ways. At BASE, we feel involved with each other, our clients and the world around us. That involvement creates drive and passion to tackle things and to keep thinking about how things can be done better. In doing so, we always have an eye for a broader and sustainable result. Soft? Perhaps. Human? Yes. Effective? Definitely! And that is also what has made me enjoy going to work for years.